Romantic Venice, as Visited by a Girl and her Backpack

As much as I was looking forward to visiting Venice, my time there started off on a rather sour note. I arrived to the beautiful inner city of Venice after some confusion as to which station at I needed to disembark (apparently when you book a train ticket  to Venice, they book it to Venice-the-City … More Romantic Venice, as Visited by a Girl and her Backpack


Being the Latin nerd that I am (Latin meaning the language and cultural related to the Romans), I had spent many a year looking forward to my first visit to Rome. Though my time was brief (Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I sure visited it in as much time), I was able to … More Roma!!!!!!

Trainbound Musings

The world passes by unfathomably fast as you’re staring out of train windows. Cities and towns transform into green, rolling countrysides peppered with the red of poppies and the swaying stalks of wheat. These, in turn, become verdant forests, rocky cliffs, and untouchable ocean horizons that grant the promise of unseen adventures in all of … More Trainbound Musings