Just a quick update for now…

Just a quick update for now, since I haven’t posted anything as of late. I’m going to be heading to Salamanca bright and early tomorrow morning with USAC for a day trip. I’m really looking forward to breaking free from the grind long enough to experience yet another Spanish city! Though, I consider myself very lucky–not only is the semester finally winding down, but I will also be having a five-day weekend next week, completely free of school AND tutoring, thanks to a Spanish national holiday followed by a Madrileña holiday. No plans for the break as of yet, but I am really hoping to finally visit the museums I have yet to see. Beyond the break, I’ll be spending my final weeks in Madrid busy with school, finals, and a total of five days of tutoring per week until I leave. Needless to say, time can’t move quickly enough.

Thankfully, my plans for Morocco are finally done…my tickets have already been purchased, I booked my hotels/hostels this evening! I’ll be spending five days traveling within the country, spending my first night in Casablanca, my second night in Marrakech, my third night in Rabat, and my fourth and fifth nights in Fes. I’m really looking forward to visiting one of the countries I’ve dreamed about visiting for YEARS now…it’s going to be such a pleasant reward for working so hard this semester. I’ve also received my Eurail pass in the mail earlier today, so I’ll start planning out the details of that trip in the very near future–I am so excited for this opportunity!! I really can’t say enough how grateful I am that I will be able to do this. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mama, for helping me to fulfill my dreams!!

On that note, I must wish the world buenas noches, as I have to be up before the sun to make my 7:45am bus to Salamanca! Blog update and photos to follow sometime this weekend. Sending lots of love to my family and friends…I miss and love you all.

Un beso,



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