Los amantes pasajeros

Looks like I’m slacker-city these days in updating this blerg. Go figure, right? While on the most part, nothing terribly interesting ever happens in my school-tutoring-volunteering-rest daily grind, I did manage to break free of the cycle to go out and see some Spanish cinema, rewarding myself with a film I had been longing to see after an afternoon of errands. I had been putting off the desire to see Los amantes pasajeros for quite some time, I was excited to finally have the opportunity to spend two hours in a dark movie theatre. Mind you, the only thing I knew about this movie was that it was directed by Pedro Almódovar, my favorite Spanish director, and from the adverts I had seen on my walks to and from the metro, it had something to do with people (namely, lovers) on an airplane. Beyond that, I was blissfully ignorant about what I was getting myself into.

After stuttering my way through buying a movie ticket and spending thirty seconds too long trying to open a door that had to be opened for me by the doorman (if that didn’t scream, “hellooooo, I’m a foreigner,” I don’t know what would), I wandered on in to the dark theatre. Basically, Los amantes pasajeros is a lot lighter than the other Almódovar films that I’ve seen (Volver, Todo sobre mi madre, Habla con ella) and is really surrealistic in nature, both of which were pleasant surprises for me. During a flight from Spain to Mexico, the plane begins having technical problems. The only characters you interact with (first class passengers, first class crew members, and pilots–all the other crew and passengers are asleep) are incredibly bizarre in nature, and during you learn about each of their stories as they come to terms with the possibility that they might not survive when the plane crashes.

Now, if I haven’t stated this sometime in my previous entries, I’ll state it now: my Spanish comprehension SUCKS when people speed through their speech. Add in colloquialisms native to Spain, and I’m beyond lost. Needless to say, though I accurately got the gist of the movie, I didn’t get to enjoy its comedic intricacies as much as I would had I been a fluent or native speaker. However, from what I did understand of the movie, I enjoyed a good part of it, and I look forward to revisiting the film once I improve my Spanish some more!



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