Keeping It…Routine?

Well, hello there…long time, no post!! I know, I know. I’m pretty sure that the last time I posted I mentioned something (possibly promised, whoops) about posting more frequently, and I’m failing royally. Unfortunately, my life has been pretty routine as of late, so I haven’t had very much to post…at least, nothing I would deem interesting for reading! Thus, I present to you, a brief update on my life as of late:

Two weeks ago I had the joy of having an entire week off of school, thanks to a field study trip that I was not participating in. No traveling for this little girl…just a lot of catching up on rest and re-centering myself in preparation for the busy weeks to come. Once I heard how exhausted everyone was from their travels over the week, I was actually quite grateful that I had such a mellow break, because when Monday rolled around I was feeling bright-eyed and bushy tailed. I had an exam last week in my track class (92%, baby!) and have another this week in conversation, but otherwise each day is typical student life (school, homework, work, etc.). My last couple weekends have been pretty low-key, spent either chilling out at home and relaxing, running errands, taking walks in the park, visiting with my t-oigo family, or spending a few hours drinking wine, eating tapas, and visiting with a close friend. Nothing too crazy, which is perfect for me…living in a big city often feels crazy enough.

An excursion to el Parque del Retiro
An excursion to el Parque del Retiro

In other news, I’ve picked up a Friday class as of two weeks ago, so I’m up to six hours a week of paid tutoring. It may restrict potential travel dates in the future, but I doubt that will be much of an issue since there are always night trains available for my travelling pleasure. I’m just grateful that I have the opportunity to make a little money while I am here, while getting some valuable teaching experience in the meantime.

To be honest, I have been having an internal dilemma for quite some time now about what to do after the semester ends. Initially, my plans were to travel for the month or so between my last day of school (mid-May) and my return flight to the USA (early July). When finances proved to be an issue for such a thing, I decided to find a job for the summer here in Europe teaching English, and had plans on working in a English immersion summer camp until I left. But at the end of my week-long break, I realized that I’ve fallen in love with working with Agata and her family, and that the place I need to be is here in Madrid. It was a wonderful weight off of my shoulders when I finally realized this, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. So, I am now looking for someone to au pair with until my return to the USA. Luckily, I might not have to go too far, as one of the families I work with has invited me to stay with them until I leave! Now that my decision is final, I’m going to solidify the details with the family when I work with them tomorrow.

I do plan on going out into the wild sometime during our upcoming three-day weekend (perhaps taking a day trip somewhere, por ejemplo), and will be going to Galicia over Semana Santa with my t-oigo family…thus, I should have some interesting things to report back to the world in not too long!



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