It ain’t a party until you see the sun rise!

Well, I’ve gotta say…my first club experience was everything I thought it would be and more! After my initial plans to go out to Chueca for the evening fell through, I received an invite to go out from some fellow USAC fellas. My lady Ashley and I met up and made our way via Metro across the city to start the night out nice and early, beginning our pre-gaming just after 11pm. Yes, you read that correctly, and no, I’m not going insane (the latter was a given, anyhow): “early” and “11pm” share the same sentence, with “11pm” being the referent of  “early.” The funny thing about living in Madrid (especially when compared to my life in the USA) is that the night doesn’t start until damned near midnight here, which is around the time I usually start considering heading home for the night back in the States. But here, many places (bars, discotheques, and the like) don’t ever seem to actually close until the sun comes up. Granted, I have yet to completely test that theory, but I’m sure I will at least once while I am here. But I digress.

We arrived at our pre-gaming destination with ease, thanks to my surprisingly brilliant navigation skills. When we entered into the apartment, we were greeted by a pleasant murmur of conversation and both familiar and unfamiliar faces. It was really nice to sit down and converse with some of the other USAC students that I had either yet to meet or never had a chance to interact with. Also in attendance for the eve was a group of local Madrileños who were friends with one of the student’s intercambio. It was great fun getting to know them, especially when it came to communicating–some of them had about as large of an English vocabulary as I have in Spanish, so it was quite the challenge to get across what each of us meant to say and be understood in one another’s languages. After about 2-3 hours of late night socializing and drinking, we finally decided to head out on the town for the evening. Once we finally rallied up the troops–it takes far too long to navigate a group that large out the door–we proceeded to make our 3am trek to the discotheque, partnered with a nice buzz on to battle the cold, damp, winter weather.

A great group of Americans & Spaniards!
A great group of Americans & Madrileños!

Unfortunately, I only took a couple photos inside the discotheque itself, since I’m still rather leery about having my camera stolen. Nonetheless, it was a fun spot to be sure! I was particularly grateful for how large our group was, because it meant not getting harassed by strangers the duration of the night (minus a rather fingery ass-grab I received from a random person as soon as we arrived, of course). And holy hell…the dancing!! I was in love with the rhythm of the Latin club music paired with the occasional top-40 track thrown into the mix.

After hours of dancing and socializing, it was time to call it a night…or perhaps I should say, morning? By the time I made it home, it was close to 7am. The sun was rising, and I poured myself a bowl of cereal before climbing into bed and wasting away my Saturday afternoon sleeping. Though I had a great time out and about, this little abuelita can only manage something like that once a weekend without screwing up my sleep schedule entirely!

Next night out, I will make certain to go to Chueca!! Perhaps for a birthday excursion? You never know!!


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