Here Goes Nothing!

The end of the Fall 2012 semester marked the beginning of quite the adventure. I started this journey leaving my NorCal home, driving a grueling 12 hours with a car-full of strangers back to SoCal. Less than 48 hours later, I found myself on a flight from Orange County to Denver, CO to spend a brief 10 days catching up on some long-overdue family time with my mama, brother, and kitties over the Christmas holiday. The Mayan Apocalypse came and went, and shortly thereafter, I was on yet another flight–this time, en route to Des Moines, IO to ring in 2013 with one of my best lady friends, her beau, and their little girl. Reuniting never felt so good!! The trip was short but sweet, and I had such a great time visiting with Cait, Jord, and little Livi. My journey continued with an eight hour Greyhound ride from Des Moines to Champaign, IL, where I was finally able to reunite with another of my best lady friends, for the first time since high school. Though many years and many miles have kept us apart, both of these trips were a pleasant reminder that some friendships never change.

Today, I find myself sitting at my departure gate in O’Hare International Airport, anxiously awaiting the boarding call for my KLM flight from Chicago to London (with a quick stop in Atlanta, for good measure). My head and heart hold a mixture of so many crazy emotions as I count down the minutes. Apprehension and excitement intermingle, though as the minutes pass and I find time bringing me closer to my final moments in the US of A for the better part of this year, I’m finding that excitement is finally becoming the strongest of these emotions.

I’m going to miss all of my loved ones tremendously, but I know that this journey will change my life if I do it right…but alas, the time has come. Seat-backs in the upright position, tray tables stowed…and here we go…


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